Visby Marine Fire & Safety Services

Fire, Safety & Security Services
About Us

We are a part of WMC, mainly operating in the maritime safety, security and fire prevention segment

Although we have a high focus on the maritime and offshore industry we also catering land based customers needs for example schools, hospitals, industries and governmental organisations and other public and private needs.

We would be delighted to help you with fire-, safety- and security plans.

Cater your need for fire prevention, safety and security equipment of all sorts. 

Assist you with training and education within the topics of fire, safety and security.

Check/inspect/certify/mount/install your equipment

Make sure that you withhold the standard applicable for your business/entity/segment according to laws/regulations/standards

Forest Wilderness

• Basic safety, IMO 60 IMO 80  

• Crowd and Crisis, krishantering

• Advanced Firefighting

• Medical First Aid

• Medical Care

• Fast Rescueboats

• Utrymningsledning

•Personal Fire Fighting Appliances

• Misc firefighting Equipment

• Protective Equipment

• SOLAS Equipment

• Safety Equipment

• Security Equipment

• Clothes, Uniforms and Shoes

• Installment

• Inspection / certification

• Fire Fighting Plans

• Security Plans

• Safety Plans

• Escape routes

• Maintenance

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